LINK E-commerce division is a global supply chain logistics with experience in serving the e-commerce sector; LINK understands the unique complexities of this non-traditional business model and the logistics needs surrounding it.

LINK has the capabilities and infrastructure to handle the logistics challenges of both established and emerging e-commerce companies Worldwide, and the IT back up with traceability for our clients.

LINK offers a quick responsive logistic solution to supply demand surges by expanding and or adjusting its resources depending on client’s needs, from moving a lot of goods quickly to allocating more labor to work the orders.
LINK has contacts with the major Internet sellers and can quickly deliver into their systems or arrange multi deliveries to the end users.

LINK offers a turnkey supply chain logistics model that encompasses global warehousing and distribution, freight forwarding, small package delivery, and trade compliance needs.

Our LINK E-commerce division leader is Shengnee,
who gathers many years expertise in this field.