Sea freight is a very cost-effective mode of transportation. We can arrange your sea freight, making sure there will be no difficulties due to the type of cargo, local customs or latest legislations. Our sea freight specialist, located all over the world, are committed and specialised in handling you shipments seamlessly, from collection anywhere in the world, till delivery anywhere in the world.

All types of cargo

We ship all types of cargo, from small packages and large machinery to valuable cars and heavy machinery. Contrary to other 0rganizations, L.I.N.K. Global members are able to ship your cargo by container, conventional and as RoRo-shipment. As a network with true global coverage, located in 63 countries, we have extensive knowledge of all global and local rules and regulations. We make sure that all documents and permits are checked and in order, so there are no difficulties in shipping your cargo.

Extra services

As you know, L.I.N.K. Global can do much more for you than just shipping your cargo over sea. We can also deliver your cargo directly to the consignee, offer temporary storage at one of our warehouses at the major gateways all over the world and provide you with our acclaimed door-to-door delivery. We offer the greatest flexibility and always at a fair, competitive price.


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