Project Cargo

LINK Project Cargo division has vast experience in all types of project cargo, from specialized machinery to whole plants plus also military equipment; all can be handled Worldwide by LINK.

Our expertise includes obtaining all necessary documents, for example, special permits, export licenses, etc. and all of the different types of equipment needed.
We can source human resources anywhere around the globe to assist in breaking down or building up any machinery. Therefore all of the elements that go into completing a successful project, door to door, can be provided by LINK.
LINK project cargo can handle all of the complexities of our client’s needs, whether it is accessing the correct heavy lift equipment to a site at the right time or planning with precision how to move those large parts to the nearest port.

During the 25 years of LINK Global Network, our members have acquired more and more experience, and we can assure you that your project is completed on time and within your budget. All projects handled by LINK receive customized project plans tailored to each client’s needs and budgets plus the benefits from LINK’s other divisions to ensure a successful completion of your project.

Our Link project division leader is Efsun,
who has many years expertise in this field. Email: