Shipping cargo by air means that you can count on a fast delivery and a guaranteed delivery date. L.I.N.K. Global cooperates with several reliable leading airlines, making sure your valuable cargo is handled well. During the shipping process, you can have real-time status reports on your air freight shipments at all times, from anywhere.

Matching your needs

As you might expect from us, we gratify your needs. We can arrange cross trades and charters, and we can take care of your special cargo. As an international organization with offices in 63 countries, we have in-depth knowledge of all local air freight and customs regulations and legislation, making sure there will be no difficulties getting your cargo to the final destination, in time, and complete.

L.I.N.K. Global can do much more than setting you up with a good air freight connection. We can also deliver your cargo directly to the consignee, offer temporary storage at one of our many warehouses and provide you with our worldwide extended door-to-door delivery.


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