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L.I.N.K. Global Network Membership

If you are interested in becoming a L.I.N.K. Global member, please note that the network is exclusive to one member per country. So please check the network member locations first, before contacting us about a member application. If you qualify, we would love to have you join our splendid network. The network handles the following criteria for membership: * One member per country * Membership of any other freight forwarders network in general cargo is prohibited ^ * Applicant is a credible and reliable freight forwarder in their home country * Applicant is financially sound and will provide their latest annual report * Participation of the annual global meeting is mandatory * Membership does not automatically transfer in case of merger or acquisition ^ Membership of a specialised network, like projectcargo or pharma, is allowed after approval. After application, membership is decided on by full member voting at the next Annual Global Meeting.

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    Mr. Usman Rehman
    Tel: +971 50 4545 991
    Ms. Efsun SARAC

    Tel: +90 530 510 21 77

    Mr. Rudolf Hess
    Director responsible for members recruitment

    Tel: +18314318121

    Mr. Raymond Wong
    director responsible for Link documentation

    Tel: +852-96237838

    Mr. Marc Guilhem
    director responsible for Link website, social media and other programme

    Tel: +84 972 148 181