NH Logistics, Link Partner in Russia

My name is Theodorus Schreurs and I am the CEO of NH Logistics. Please allow me to introduce our company to you.
NH Logistics is a niche player in logistics and foreign trade activities. We only deal with “difficult” shipments.

Our services include: DDP, FOC shipments, temporary import/export, ATA Carnet, Importer of Record (IOR/EOR), FSB Notifications, Pattern Approvals, Certification, Reverse Logistics, Exhibition Logistics.
We are also very experienced with importing encrypted equipment into Russia and the CIS.

We specialize in shipments to and from the CIS countries (Russian Commonwealth).
Currently we have our own offices in Moscow, Kiev, Almaty, Minsk and Baku.
In 2018 we will also open offices in Turkmenistan and Moldova.

We are an independent, high-end logistics company, offering services in our niche market to clients worldwide.
NH Logistics can also act as Importer of Record and handle DDP shipments for our clients.

Our company has been working successfully since 2001 and has extensive experience in Russia and the other CIS countries.
For this reason we have decided to extend our network and open our own offices in all the CIS countries before the end of 2019.

We joined LINK so we can work with partners worldwide who can collect and deliver cargo for us in their markets.
In return, we offer our services to your company and look forward to receiving any enquiries you may have for our market.

Theodorus P.M. Schreurs
NH Logistics