News update after London AGM 2016 !

News update after London AGM 2016 !


The Annual General Meeting in London, UK has been an enormous success.

Besides the fact that our host and dear member Aztek International did a great job in organizing this conference, they also contributed to the fact that this is a true LINK family event. Family and values are very important factors in the way members look at the business.

The exciting parts are as always the bi-laterals, meetings between two members where the development of the business between the two countries is discussed and forecasted.

Problems, if any, are solved, strategies are shared and every participant is out for three thing only, SALES, SALES and SALES !

Business trips, activities with existing customers and new prospects fly over the tables, you can feel the passion our people have for our Industry.

Decided is that we will make LINK more visible to the world by participating in exhibitions and we will first upgrade our LINKGLOBAL website and after upgrade our features, at the same time we will use new editorials and new photo’s.

Another good thing is this year Mr. Lloyd Burke ( ACE, USA) was able to bring in 9 new members, meaning representing 9 new countries on the globe.

Next year’s LINK AGM will be held in Greece on the islands of Mykonos, hosted by Skyway Air Cargo, the Greek LINK member.