New members for L.I.N.K. 2016 & 2017

Our network has great coverage, but we are still recruiting new members for area’s not covered yet or where existing members have left the network.

We are proud to welcome 9 new members.

We welcome
Nepal  – Brisk Forwarding  – Mr. Bodh Kark
Ireland –  Laser Shipping – Mr. Malcolm Kirby
Pakistan –  GSL – Mr Imran Butt
Yemen –  World Link – Mr Mohammed Ali Bawazeer
Bermuda  – Minimax  – Mr. Casey Burgess
Mauritius – World Freight Forwarding – Mr. Francois Lan
Hungary – Global Solution Provider (GSP) –  Mr. Tibor Gubek
Indonesia – Kornet Trans  – Mr. Peter Kwon
Cyprus  – Aplus Freight Services  – Mrs.Elena Christodoulou

With these new members, L.I.N.K. is able to extend services into these regions.


Published on: 02/11/2016