LINK Logistic Network presence at the Intermodal Exhibition Sao Paulo 2018

A successful participation and attendance of the 24th annual intermodal exhibition 2018 in Sao Paulo by the LINK Logistic Network.

Intermodal South America in Sao Paulo is an international trade fair for freight transport, logistics and foreign trade. It is one of the leading fairs of its kind in Latin America.

  Our participants this year gathered our partners Ultramar from Brazil with Mr Mauricio De Jong and colleagues, 3 Stars Worldwide logistic from Peru with mr Pablo Guzman , from RH shipping mrs Reyna Margarita Plasencia and mr Iván Yáñez,  including also our board of directors Mr Nick Driver, chairman Mr Usman Rehman, Mr Raymond Wong, Mr Mark Fernandez and Mr Marc Guilhem.

  As per the yearly board member of LINK Logistic, the board decided to maximize its efficiency by joining the exhibition booth in Brazil.

  The exhibition was a tremendous success for the LINK network by acquiring new 28 prospects partners in Latin America, reaching out up to 400 companies and generating business opportunities amount members.

Date: 13/05 -15/03