L.I.N.K. Global member Ultramar in Brazil handles landmark

Our well respected L.I.N.K. Global partner in Brazil Ultramar Freight Forwarders & Customs Brokers was nominated for a prestigious project in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.

The Sugar Loaf Mountain is a world famous icon and landmark of both Brazil and Rio de Janeiro. When going up in a Sugar Loaf cable car, it  provides gorgeous, breathtaking views from the top of Sugerloaf Mountain. The cable cars have been in operation since 1912, with practically no incidents or accidents, serving tourists from all over the world with great competence with the highest security.

Ultramar Freight Forwarders & Customs Brokers was proud to be nominated the door to door project of the pro-active maintenance of this beloved Sugar Loaf  ride, including OOG equipments such as cable cars, brakes, cable brakes, cabin items , security hydraulic rails and pulleys. Not only Ultramar took great pride in the nomination of the project, but also in the perfect execution afterwards. This project can truly be called a landmark in Ultramars history of fine services.

Ultramar thanks their international freight coordinators , their experienced customs clearance department and of course the L.I.N.K. partners involved in this project, all which made it such a success.


Published on: 13/10/2017